Thursday, May 04, 2006

Psst......Hey Buddy

I'm really beat today, and maybe tommorrow I will have time to post about it, but for now I just couldn't pass up this absurdity.

I'm not a thief, or at least not a career criminal. I mean sure I've lifted the odd trinket from the Dollar General when I was 10, but I didn't have to do any time. My mother caught me and made me go back and apologize to the owner. Trust me, walking in there and saying sorry to this old ex-hippie with the wandering eye was worse than the slammer. Especially with a warm dampness in your pants. So I'm not a con, but I think I would still be better at it than these guys.........

3 of the 6 guys that stole one of the most famous paintings in existence have been found guilty. Well duh?

All three are Norwegian. I think they were just all tanked up on some stout ale trying to keep their asses from freezin' off when Bjorn comes up with this great idea for a heist. I'm also pretty sure they had just finished watching Oceans Twelve.

When you get out boys, I gotta couple more for ya.......

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